Christ  Episcopal Church

Our Programs


Parish Life

Parish life at Christ Church is purposely designed to enhance our corporate life. Opportunities for participation in all aspects of church life are open to everyone. Our annual Fall Homecoming Dinner brings the whole parish family together, and picnics, clean-up days, Lenten programs, Men's Breakfasts and other special events help us to interact as a family and grow in our faith.

Our Parish Hall, complete with a large kitchen and stage, enables us to host parish wide events and is also a resource for the larger community, providing space for many community groups, events and family celebrations.


Worship at Christ Church is rooted in the Holy Scriptures and the Book of Common Prayer with emphasis on the Holy Eucharist-the family meal of baptised Christians. Morning Prayer, with sung canticles, is one of the great traditions of the church and it is celebrated on alternating Sundays. We strive for a joyous worship atmosphere in which everyone can experience the goodnews of God's life and love in Jesus Christ. People are involved everywhere! Committed groups of lectors, prayer leaders, chalicists, acolytes, greeters,musicians and Altar Guild members actively assist the clergy in leadingworship services.

Service and Outreach

Service and outreach programs are an essential part of our Christian ministryand mission. We have a variety of programs in place designed to help those in need in our parish, community and world. The United Thank Offering, the Red Cross Blood Drive, our Emergency Baby Pantry, parish Crisis Assistance Fund, participation in the South County Assistance Network and the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund are some of the ways we work together to help others. The Parish Visitation Committee ministers to our sick and shut-insthrough home visits, flower deliveries and general assistance when needed.


Music at Christ Church is a vital part of worship and parish life. The vocal choirs, youth and adult, participate regularly by raising their voices joyfully to the Lord at worship services. Our bell choir supplements the vocal choirs and congregational singing on special occasions. We welcome and include a variety of musical styles, traditions and instruments as part of our worship.

Mindful Meditation Group

We meet the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month in the Sunday School Bldg at Christ Church in West River and on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at Prana Yoga Studio in Annapolis  (7:45 to 9:15 pm)

Contact: Richard (443) 223-0234

This Mindfulness Sangha is lead by Richard Crenshaw a Buddhist monk ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh who draws on his experience practicing the Thich Nhat Hanh tradition and his great admiration for the Pema Chodron teachings. You don’t have to come to every meeting to learn how to meditate. The same material that is presented in the meetings is also available as home study. The meetings are like a lab session where you have a chance to practice what you have learned with the support of a group and to ask questions 

MEDITATION: involves sitting quietly and being aware of your body and feelings. When it is done in a kind and loving way it takes your attention away from your monkey mind and allows you to live in the present moment where you can see your true self. It requires will and loving control of one’s attention. Your anchor is your in breath and out breath.

The main overall guideline is to observe not to judge. Living Meditation involves bringing this sense of space in yourself  and awareness of your environment into life so you can stop before you react, have a choice of how you react and see yourself as you react. We base our sharing on our own experience of the practice rather than abstract ideas and theoretical topics. By speaking about our happiness and our difficulties in the practice we contribute to thecollective insight and understanding of the Sangha.